Ice breakers

During my studies doing therapeutic group work, I had a really hard time thinking of new and fun ice breakers. Anyone who has done therapeutic group work knows what a big impact the ice breaker can have on the whole session. In the end I found great resources just for ice breakers!

But first, it is important to know how to facilitate the ice breaker correctly. Here are some tips:

1. Try to fit the ice breaker with the topic of the session! You will find that you can continue to use the ice breaker as a practical example, especially if the session is about a life skill.

2. Do it with confidence! If the group members sense that you are not confident about the ice breaker, it will seep through to them. This goes hand in hand with enthusiasm. Always be enthusiastic when introducing the ice breaker. It is also a great way to get some energy in the session

3. Remember the goal of the ice breaker (breaking the ice!). Keep the activity simple and entertaining.

Here are the links to the different websites with tons of different ice breakers:

The Game Gal

This website contains loads of different games mostly for children. She focuses more on family games, but you can use a lot of it for ice breakers. She also has free printables for different games. Great stuff!

Love to Know

They have ice breakers that can be used for any age group. Scroll on down the page and you will see different pages for ice breakers for other groups.

Here are 7 easy and simple ice breakers

I love the “Get to know you” game, but I would advise that you lessen the number of facts to 3.

Youth Workin’ It

Their games are more focused on large groups and physical play, but there are a few games you could tweak a bit, or don’t even have to change, to use as an ice breaker.

If you know of any website or a cool ice breaker, please share it in the comments 🙂

Hope you all can find this useful!


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