Dealing with Dementia

At times we work with families that has to take care of an older love one struggling with dementia. It is important to empower the family with knowledge and skills to take care of their loved one.

First, we should first understand what dementia is. It is actually an umbrella term, covering other diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. The usual symptoms of dementia are loss of memory, judgement, language, attention and complex motor skills. A change in the personality of the loved one is also a common symptom of dementia.

Here is an image from to better illustrate the concept of dementia.

Now what can families do to make their lives flow easier?


An easy tool for the family to make is a Memory book. This helps the loved one to orientate themselves on their surroundings. Go check out this link for instructions and examples.


People living with a form of dementia will be often seen fidgeting. To give them, and their care givers relief, one could give them a Fidget Apron. There are loads of different examples on the internet, but I love this one! It is such a cheerful apron.

Watch a movie! This website gives a list of movies that are best for persons living with Alzheimer’s.

Resources for care taking

Here are three websites that have many tips on how to deal with typical care taking issues, such as maintaining hygiene or agitation of the loved one. You could give the websites address to the family or even go take a look at specific problems the family is struggling with.

Go and check out these amazing sites! Keep on being resourceful 🙂


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